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  • Sep


    Myth Busters: Stocks Outperforming Real Estate Since 2011?

    Real estate and the stock market are often compared to each other, mostly because they are the two most common places for people to invest [...]

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  • Sep


    RealSmart People in the News!

    Our very own, Denis Vorrises, made an appearance in the San Mateo Daily Journal this past week! He and his wonderful family stopped for a [...]

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  • Aug


    Then vs. Now – A Look at Recently Resold RS Fund Projects

    Every now and then, a home we flipped years ago will pop back up on the market for sale, which always makes for an interesting [...]

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  • Jul


    Are People Really Leaving the Bay Area in Droves?

    For years now, reports have been circulating of people fleeing the Bay Area in favor of cities with comparable job opportunities and a lower cost [...]

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  • Jun


    Fannie & Freddie Want to Make it Easier for “Gig” Workers to Get Mortgages

    Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the country’s two largest sources of mortgage money, are reportedly working on ways to make qualifying for a home purchase [...]

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  • May


    A Historic Decision: California to Require Solar Panels for New Homes

    On Wednesday, the California Energy Commission unanimously approved a policy requiring virtually all new homes to incorporate solar panels.  The requirement will take effect in 2020, [...]

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