Facebook Opens New Campus, Invites Instagrammers to Take Photos


Aerial view of Facebook’s new West Campus and it’s rooftop park

Facebook recently completed their new Frank Gehry designed campus right across the Bayfront Expressway from their current headquarters at 1 Hacker Way.  To celebrate the completion of this new building, 1 Facebook Way, they invited some of their favorite Instagrammers to shoot some photos.


Photo by Instagram user, coryiander

The building itself is pretty simple.  “That’s on purpose”, said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  “We want our space to feel like a work in progress.  When you enter our buildings, we want you to feel how much left there is to be done in our mission to connect the world”.  The interior features exposed support beams and plywood surfaces throughout and is essentially one big open floorplan, though there are private meeting rooms off to the side.

Weird Wall

Photo by Instagram user, @alissa_isms

In this case, ‘simple’ does not equate to boring or ordinary.  The interior is flush with custom artwork, and the roof consists of a 9 acre park, complete with a half-mile walking trail and somewhere around 400 trees.  The rooftop park not only gives employees a place to clear their heads, but it also saves energy by providing additional insulation to the building.


Rooftop park by night, Photo by Gehry Partners

The new campus is officially open for business, though Facebook says it will be sometime before their employees fully move in.  When it’s all said and done the new facility will house around 2,800 employees.


Photo by Instagram user, lizardshep


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