For Sellers

The RealSmart System For Sellers sets us apart from other agencies. Delivering the service and results you
expect and deserve is our number one priority and our program below holds us accountable to this standard.

    • Our Position

      Our team boasts experts in every facet of real estate. From contractors to accountants, marketing experts to loan gurus, RealSmart employs a stunning lineup of professionals with unique backgrounds whose synergy of real estate knowledge is unsurpassable.

    • Communication Guarantee

      Consistent and efficient communication is what you want and what you should expect from your agent. Our team will commit to determining your ideal method and time of communication upfront, and guarantee it in writing.

    • Easy Exit Listing

      If you’re ever unhappy with our service you may walk away from your listing agreement. We only ask that you give us 48 hours to fix the problem, but if we can’t find a solution, you’re free to go.

    • Marketing Arsenal

      Our 52-point marketing plan exhausts all possible outlets so that your property gets the attention it deserves.

    • Performance Guarantee

      RealSmart puts you in charge of scoring us on several categories. If we fail to deliver on any category, we’ll pay you.

    • Smart Seller Program

      Every selling situation is different. Our flexible commission strategy gives you back the power to truly own your listing.


This is just a brief overview of the RealSmart System. To get details, information, or questions answered about our program, send us an email using the form below. Thank you.