Going Green: Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Options

Solar roof

The last RealSmart Fund Fixer Mixer was a special “50 Shades of Green” event, to which we invited a few of our trusted vendors to provide information on eco-friendly home improvement options. From solar panels to fireplace inserts, there are many ways to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency, at various levels of affordability. Below is an overview of our vendors and some of the green home improvement options they offer.  If you’d like details on options not listed, feel free to give us a call and we will point you in the right direction.

Mr. Roofing – Green Roof Options
This family owned and operated business based in South San Francisco has fully embraced green roofing practices. They can install building-integrated and conventional photovalic solar systems (solar paneled roofs), solar tunnel skylights, green live roofs, and more. Mr. Roofing is a Diamond Certified company, and having used their services many times ourselves we can attest to the quality and relliability of their work.

If you’d like to explore green roofing options for your home, give Mr. Roofing a call, ask for Carlos, and tell him RealSmart sent you.

(650) 605-3927
Ask for: Carlos Rodriguez

SDI Insulation – Energy Efficient Insulation Upgrades
While most people overlook the quality of insulation when buying a home, it does play a key role in how much energy you use when running the heater or A/C. If your insulation is old or of poor quality, chances are you are spending more on your monthly energy bill than needed. The team at SDI Insulation will test your home’s energy efficiency, identify area’s of weakness, and upgrade them in order to decrease your monthly energy usage. If you’d like to test your home’s energy efficiency and explore your options for upgrading, we highly recommend you call the experts at SDI Insulation for a free estimate:

(650) 685-5500
Ask for: Joran Stromberg

Carpeteria – Green Flooring Options
Our friends at Carpeteria offer a number of fantastic envronmentally concious flooring options. Among them are Mohawk carpets, some of which are made with up to 100% recycled material. Mohawk recycles around 3 billion plastic bottles annually for use in over 500 of their products. They even recycle old carpet fibers for use in other industries.

Carpeteria also carries Shaw’s Epic engineered hardwood floors, which are made from 50% less newly harvested wood than conventional engineered wood flooring. Their Scuffresist Platinum coating also makes them remarkably durable.

For more information call:
(650) 965-9600
Ask for: Vick Balian

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