Redwood City

redwoodcityRedwood City gained its name from its beginnings as a port for lumber travelling down from the redwood forests in the peninsula hills. Much has changed since then, but one thing has remained fairly constant: the climate. The official city motto, “Climate Best by Government Test,” was coined after government tests revealed the city to be at the center of the world’s best three climates, along with the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. Present-day Redwood City boasts a diverse population and an eclectic blend of dining and nightlife options. Its downtown area, renovated in 2006, is home to the city’s historic courthouse and doubles as an open-air setting for many public events.


Incorporated 1868
County San Mateo
Population 77,745
Median Home Sale Price Aug 2013 $828,000
Total Area 34.62 sq mi