Redwood City Updates/Expands Neighborhood Associations Map


Redwood City recently announced an update to its neighborhood association map – expanding the number of neighborhoods from 11 to 17. This new map was designed to better align with the city’s natural boundaries and neighborhood characteristics, as well as recognize and blend several pre-existing maps, including the General Plan Neighborhood Map, the previous Neighborhood Association Map, and the Nextdoor Neighborhood Map.

The new map include the addition of the Bair Island and Downtown neighborhoods, where the vast majority of new residential development has been concentrated over the past several years. Also, some of the larger neighborhoods have been broken up into smaller ones. For example, what was previously the High School Acres neighborhood is now recognized as a combination of Mt. Carmel, Eagle Hill, and Edgewood. Similarly, Central Park has been split into Woodside Plaza, and Palm. These new neighborhoods might actually be more familiar than the older ones colloquially, but they are just now being recognized by the city with their own designated neighborhood associations.

Redwood City Residents: The city is currently in the process of appointing leaders to each association, and establishing regular meetings. They encourage all residents to take a look at the new map to determine which neighborhood association you belong to, as these associations are key in driving communication between city officials and the community. For information on how to register with your new neighborhood association, or how to get involved as a leader of your community, head to:

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